Osteofibroma, Mouse

  • Arne Luz
  • Wolfgang Gössner
  • A. Beatrice Murray
Part of the Monographs on Pathology of Laboratory Animals book series (LABORATORY)


Both macroscopically and in the X-ray this tumor appearance very similar to osteosarcoma, especially the sclerosing type (Figs. 277, 278) (p. 206, this volume). An osteofibroma is usually seen as a single mass involving one bone (most often a vertebra). The bone is replaced by a radiographically dense, hard, bony mass which grows beyond the cortex of the bone and displaces but does not invade adjacent tissue. The preferred site is in a vertebra but long bones can be affected. Compression of the spinal cord by the tumor can occur with resulting posterior paralysis.


Spindle Cell Fibrous Dysplasia Odontogenic Tumor Dense Trabecular Bone Ossify Fibroma 
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  • Wolfgang Gössner
  • A. Beatrice Murray

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