Prevention of Crosstalk in Dual Chamber Pacemakers

  • H. Brouwer
  • J. W. J. van Hove
Conference paper


Atrioventricular crosstalk in dual chamber pacemakers is when the atrial stimulus is sensed by the ventricular sensing amplifier, leading to inhibition of ventricular output [1]. With atrioventricular (AV) crosstalk, for example, a 5 V stimulus from the atrial channel might be sensed as a small (0.3 V) artefact by the QRS detector (Fig. 1).




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    Barold S, Ong L, Falkoff M, Heinle R (1985) Crosstalk or self-inhibition in dual-chambered pacemakers. In: Barold S (ed) Modern cardiac pacing. Futura, New York, pp 615–623.Google Scholar

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  • H. Brouwer
  • J. W. J. van Hove

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