Aggressive Behavior and Changing Histology in a Pituitary Adenoma

  • J. J. A. Mooij
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A 50-year-old woman presented in 1984 with several months’ history of nausea, headache, vision loss of the right eye with exophthalmus and ptosis. Treatment for hypopituitarism had already been started; high levels of prolactin (> 80000 mU/1) were found. Computed tomography (CT) showed a large tumor in the sella turcica, with extension into the skull base and the middle fossa (Fig. 1). Craniotomy was performed, and the tumor was removed incompletely, leaving tumor parts in the skull base. Although histology was not conclusive at first, with later staining it was confirmed to be a prolactinsecreting adenoma (antiprolactin staining positive, anti-ACTH staining negative; Fig. 2).


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