Analysis of Statements and Solution Methods for Inverse Heat Transfer Problems

  • Oleg M. Alifanov
Part of the International Series in Heat and Mass Transfer book series (HEAT)


The effective application of methods based on solving the inverse problems in thermal simulation and in processing the results of thermal tests is determined by the depth of the mathematics required connected with the statement and algorithmic presentation of the problems, by clarifying the specific difficulties in their solution. Misunderstanding of the nature of problems that are poorly based can lead to errors in problem solving. Even in cases when a proper method is used its effective application and specific features of the problem may not be fully realized. Such negligence of the formulation of problems of a given class as well as the methods of their solving can lead to doubt as to the suitability of the very concept of inverse problems for practical research. Experience shows that it is only through understanding the physical, technical and mathematical principles of a given problem that one finds it possible to use inverse problem methods effectively and creatively in thermal research.


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