Computer-Controlled Greenhouses in Japan

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Application of microcomputers to environmental control for commercial greenhouses in Japan is said to date back to 1979. The Japan Greenhouse Horticulture Association’s statistic data for 1990 (investigated during the period of July 1988 to June 1989) gives a total facility area of 2074 ha for glasshouses and 46737 ha for plastic houses, with a combined total area amounting to 48811 ha (covering greenhouses providing enough height for persons working in them to stand upright). Among these greenhouses, 74 ha of well-equipped glasshouses (totaling 571 units) and 114 ha of plastic houses (totaling 470 units) employ microcomputers for environmental control. About ten manufacturers produce microcomputers used for these purposes. The present statistics does not include equipment used in soilless culture.


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