Box Splines and Applications

  • M. Dæhlen
  • T. Lyche
Part of the Computer Graphics — Systems and Applications book series (COMPUTER GRAPH.)


We give an elementary introduction to box spline methods for the representation of surfaces. First, we derive basic properties of box splines starting with the univariate cardinal case. Proofs of most of the results are included. We proceed with a detailed presentation of refinement and evaluation methods for box splines. We discuss shape preserving properties, the construction of non-rectangular box spline surfaces, applications of box splines to surface modelling and problems related to an imbedding of box spline surfaces within a tensor product surface.


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  • M. Dæhlen
    • 2
  • T. Lyche
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  1. 1.Institutt for informatikkOslo 3Norway
  2. 2.Center for Industrial ResearchOslo 3Norway

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