Exotic Atoms in Condensed Matter: Conclusions

  • N. W. Ashcroft
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I think I should begin with two apologies. First of all I must apologize for interposing between you and lunch. I will try to be brief. Secondly I must apologize because you have already had a lecture from an obvious neophyte in the area of muons in condensed matter. I can only hope that these remarks have some mildly recognizable overlap with what you will find in the proceedings! But, speaking especially as a neophyte, I have enormously enjoyed this workshop, and I have learnt a great deal. What you are about to hear is the distillation of at least some of the things I have learnt. I do not want to imply that you have necessarily focussed on the same things; in fact it is far more likely that you have appreciated much more than I have. But in examining the theme and content of the Workshop, I am struck by the fact that it is divided, roughly speaking, into four components of something vaguely resembling the commodities part of a quasi-economic system, namely:

  • The Supply of Mesons

  • Their Distribution

  • The Demand and Utilization of Mesons

  • Future Investment in Mesons


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