Variational Monte Carlo Techniques in Nuclear Physics

  • J. A. Carlson
  • R. B. Wiringa


Variational Monte Carlo techniques have proven to be a very powerful tool for studying quantum systems in the physics community as a whole, and particularly within nuclear physics [9.1–4]. The most important applications in nuclear physics are to few-body systems, either at the nucleón or the quark level. A variety of nuclear properties have been calculated with Monte Carlo methods, including the binding energies, electromagnetic form factors, response functions, and asymptotic properties of the wave functions for three- and four-body nuclei. One can also study the Hamiltonian itself, in particular the effects of three-nucleon interactions in light nuclei. Finally, one can examine low-energy scattering states and electromagnetic and weak transitions with these same methods.


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  • R. B. Wiringa

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