Tabular Layouts of Article Characteristics and Formal Concept Analysis

  • Franz Meinl
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The German word “Sackmerkmal” (article characteristics) and “Sachmerkmalleiste (SML)” (tabular layout of article characteristics) became well known by the activities of the DIN Standardization Committee. The related systematics are mainly designed for the retrieval of single objects in a large set of “technical items” of many different types. In the framework of document retrieval, these terms correspond to “descriptor” and “thesaurus”, respectively. Till now, SML’s have been developed for about 300 groups of articles in the standard DIN 4000. An investigation of the structural principles can be found in [3] where the relationship to formal concept analysis (developed by R. Wille in [1]) is discussed. In the same lines, this investigation is continued in the following paper in order to interprete the SML method as an application of formal concept analysis.


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