Thyroid Microsome/Thyroid Peroxidase Autoantigenic Epitopes Recognized by Autoantibodies Map to the Amino Terminal, the Central Core and the Carboxyl Terminal of the Molecule

  • J. P. Banga
  • P. S. Barnett
  • D. L. Ewins
  • M. J. Page
  • A. M. McGregor
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The occurrence of autoantibodies (aAbs) to thyroid proteins is a feature of autoimmune thyroid disease (AITD) and a common serological marker for disease activity [1]. Although their precise role in the aetiology of AITD remains speculative, considerable evidence has accumulated to the effect that aAbs to the thyroid microsome/thyroid peroxidase antigen (TMA/TPO) may be pathogenetic [2]. TPO is a well-characterized enzyme involved in the generation of thyroid hormones from thyroglobulin and comprises a 105-kDa protein [3] which has recently been cloned [4]. Two forms of TPO cDNA have been reported, termed TPO-1 and TPO-2, with exon 10 coding for 57 amino acids is spliced from the coding sequence of the shorter TPO-2 cDNA [5].


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  • P. S. Barnett
  • D. L. Ewins
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