Methods of Measuring Ionospheric Absorption and Other D-Region Parameters

  • Robert D. Hunsucker
Part of the Physics and Chemistry in Space book series (SPACE, volume 22)


The essential elements of the theory of absorption of electromagnetic waves in the ionosphere, including both deviative and nondeviative absorption, have been presented in Section 2.2.2, and in considerable detail by Davies (1969,1990). The absorption coefficient (per unit length) for EM waves propagating in an unmagnetized plasma is
$$ k = \left[ {\frac{{e^2 }}{2}\varepsilon _0 mc\mu \cdot\frac{{Nv}}{{\omega ^2 + v^2 }}} \right]. $$
[Eq. (2.46)]
For a QL wave, nondeviative absorption, and μ2 ” X2, Eq. (2.53) describes the absorption coefficient in a magnetoionic medium,
$$ k = \left[ {\frac{{e^2 }}{{2\varepsilon _0 mc}}\cdot\frac{{Nv}}{{\left( {\omega \pm \omega _L } \right)^2 + v^2 }}} \right], $$
[Eq. (2.53)]
where all the quantities are defined in Section 2.2.2.


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