Chromosomal Changes in Nonneoplastic Somatic Cells of Cancer Patients: Indication of a Predisposing Chromosomal Instability?

  • E. Gebhart
Part of the Advances in Mutagenesis Research book series (MUTAGENESIS, volume 3)


At the cellular level the genetic basis of cancer has now been well established. Mutational changes at the molecular level of protooncogenes and tumor suppressor genes, but also specific rearrangements and deletions at the chromosomal level could be detected in malignant cells (e.g. Pathak 1980, 1986a; De Klein et al. 1982; Weinberg 1982; Croce et al. 1984; Rowley 1983; Mitelman 1985, 1988; Gebhart 1987, 1989; Heim and Mitelman 1987). Experimental studies on the various steps of the transformation process, in addition, lend support to the view that certain genetic changes found in malignant cells are involved in the processes of initiation, promotion, transformation tumor progression, and metastasis (Miller 1978; Färber 1984; Weinstein et al. 1984; Barbacid 1986; Upton 1986; Slaga 1989; Gebhart 1990).


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