The Teeth and Periodontal Tissues

  • Eugene J. Kucharz


The teeth form a highly specialized body part located in the oral cavity that take part in the separation and mastication of food. In some animals, the teeth are important weapons. The human dentition consists of two sets of teeth: the deciduous (baby) teeth and secondary (permanent, succedaneous) teeth. The morphology of the two sets is similar. The tooth consists of a crown which is visible above the gum and a root or roots that fit into a socket (alveolus) in the bone. Mostly it consists of dentin covered by enamel or cementum in the crown or root, respectively. The root is attached to the bone by the periodontal ligament. The central part of the tooth is made up of loose connective tissue filling the pulp chamber. The pulp chamber continues into the root canal where it communicates with the periodontal structures via the apical foramen.


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