Color Doppler Imaging of Abdominal Vessels

  • K. Haag
  • P. Lanzer


Color Doppler flow imaging (CDFI) is a new ultrasonographic modality for assessing intraabdominal vascular pathology. By generating two-dimensional flow maps superimposed on B-mode images, CDFI facilitates the identification of intraabdominal vascular pathology and therefore increases the realibility of duplex examinations while decreasing the examination time. The quality of CDFI data depends greatly on the operator’s skill and experience. The sonographer performing abdominal CDFI should be thoroughly familiar with the normal B-mode sonography, standard duplex techniques, and the anatomy of the abdominal organs and their vasculature. Correct data interpretation also requires an understanding of vascular pathology and hemodynamic principles. An operational understanding of color Doppler imaging, instrumentation, and technology is also needed.


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