Life Cycles and Fire-Stimulated Flowering in Geophytes

  • D. C. Le Maitre
  • P. J. Brown
Part of the Ecological Studies book series (ECOLSTUD, volume 93)


Fire-stimulated flowering (hereafter FSF) is a common trait in herbaceous plants in fire-prone vegetation (Gill 1981a; Rundel 1981a). FSF of geophytes occurs in all the mediterranean shrublands of the world (Naveh 1974; Gill and Groves 1981; Trabaud 1981; Keeley 1986). The Cape flora is renowned for its rich and diverse geophytic flora (Table 8.1), and there are many anecdotal accounts of the profuse flowering of geophytes for one or more years after fire (Levyns 1966; Martin 1966; Goldblatt 1978; Frost 1984), but few quantitative studies.


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