On the GAUSS Principle in the Numerical Integration of Mechanical Systems

  • S. Sparschuh
  • P. Hagedorn
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (volume 69)


Here we consider mechanical systems with their configuration described by the in general non-minimal coordinates q1,q2,…,qn which we arrange in a column matrix as q := (q1,q2,…,qn)T The system is subjected to constraints of the form
$${{c}_{i}}(q,\dot{q},t) = 0,i = 1,2, \ldots ,m$$
which we also write as
$$c(q,\dot{q},t): = {{({{c}_{1}},{{c}_{2}}, \ldots {{c}_{m}})}^{T}} = 0$$


Mechanical System Discretized Form Nonholonomic System Column Matrix Difference Quotient 
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  • S. Sparschuh
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  • P. Hagedorn
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