Purification, Identification and Regional Localization of a Brain-Specific Calretinin-Like Calcium Binding Protein (Protein 10)

  • Lois Winsky
  • David M. Jacobowitz


We have employed two-dimensional gel electrophoresis to examine and compare the relative amounts of both known and unidentified proteins across auditory brain regions in rabbits (Winsky et al. 1989a). While several proteins were found to vary considerably in amounts between regions, one prominent protein (protein 10), having an apparent molecular mass (Mr) of 29 kDa and isoelectric point (pI) of 5.3, was found to be particularly abundant within the cochlear nucleus (Figure 1) and some other brainstem areas. In more rostral brain regions (e.g., medial geniculate and cerebral cortex) this protein was less prominent.


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  • David M. Jacobowitz

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