Intracrystalline Processes

  • H. Kroll


The thermal history of minerals may be recorded by examining intracrystalline processes, notably, ordering and exsolution. We will deal in this paper with both these processes, using K-feldspar, cordierite, Mg-calcite and pyroxenes as examples. The discussion is based on the contributions by Kroll et al. (Chap. 13, this Vol.), Maresch et al. (Chap. 14, this Vol.), Masch and Heuss-Aβbichler (Chap. 10, this Vol.) and Feuer et al. (Chap. 6, this Vol.). H. Feuer, Frankfurt, provided additional personal communication on pyroxenes.


Crystallization Quartz Siliceous Hexagonal Calcite 


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