Acute Encephalopathy and Seizures

  • Jerome B. Posner
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Alterations of mental status are among the most common and feared complications of both systemic cancer and its therapy [1]. Many potentially promising chemotherapeutic agents are unusable because of central nervous system (CNS) toxicity. Others, which are usually not toxic to the nervous system may, in specific individuals and under specific circumstances, cause CNS toxicity. Among the varieties of CNS toxicity are seizures and encephalopathy. The term encephalopathy is used here to refer to a clinical syndrome of global confusion, disorientation and often somnolence (delirium) which may progress to stupor or coma. Focal neurological signs such as aphasia or hemiparesis may or may not accompany the delirium. Focal signs in the absence of delirium are not considered here. Encephalopathy and seizures may occur either together or separately and may be caused directly or indirectly by several antineoplastic agents.


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