Complications of Pelvic Lymphadenectomy and Interstitial Irradiation of A2 Tumors

  • P. F. Schellhammer
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The topic of treatment of complications that occur after interstitial therapy for stage A2 adenocarcinoma of the prostate is somewhat unique. While a number of series have studied complications after radiation therapy based on field size, dose delivered, dose fractions, and anatomic and physiologic characteristics of the host, rarely have they categorized complications of therapy based on pretreatment clinical stage. This I seek to do here on the basis of my experience with interstitial implantation with the 125I isotope in 126 patients at Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, Virginia (USA). Complications after interstitial therapy are divided into
  1. a)

    acute, those that occur within the first 3 months, and

  2. b)

    chronic, those that persist beyond 3 months or occur at some interval greater than 3 months after therapy.



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