Simultaneous Phosphate Precipitation and Particle Destabilization Using Aluminium Coagulants of Different Basicity

  • Joachim Fettig
  • Harsha C. Ratnaweera
  • Hallvard Ødegaard


Chemical treatment of wastewater was investigated by conducting jar tests with a synthetic testwater. The influence of different variables (pH, ortho-P concentration, particle concentration, hardness, humus concentration) on the competitive reactions of aluminium coagulants with ortho-P and hydroxyl ions, respectively, was studied under controlled conditions. The data were evaluated by assuming that basic aluminium phosphate A11.4PO4(OH)1.2, referred to as Alp and A1(0H)3 are precipitated simultaneously. The ratio A1P/A1T was found to depend on initial pH, initial ortho-P concentration, initial particle concentration and the coagulant’s basicity. In a soft water matrix, the amount of coagulant not consumed by P-precipitation was about as efficient for particle destabilization as an equal amount in the same, but ortho-P free, raw water. In hard water matrices, however, P-precipitation was found to enhance particle destabilization. Co-precipitation of calcium even at pH = 6 was identified as the main reason for this effect. Humus concentrations on the order of 5–10 mg/l can considerably increase the coagulant demand for particle destabilization. A procedure for advanced characterization and evaluation of wastewater with respect to chemical treatment is suggested.


Soluble Phosphate Soft Water Particle Removal Turbidity Removal Coagulant Dose 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • Joachim Fettig
    • 1
  • Harsha C. Ratnaweera
    • 2
  • Hallvard Ødegaard
    • 2
  1. 1.NHL-SINTEFTrondheimNorway
  2. 2.Div. of Hydraulic and Sanit. EngineeringNorwegian Institute of TechnologyTrondheimNorway

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