Clinical Features and Systemic Background of Low-Tension Glaucoma

  • Y. Shiose
  • M. Amano
  • S. Yamada
  • Y. Kawase
Conference paper


Low-tension glaucoma (LTG) is defined as a disease characterized by glaucomatous disc and visual field changes with intraocular pressure (IOP) constantly below 21 mmHg. Despite the above definition LTG does not always refer to a single clinical entity, but encompasses various etiologic disorders with unknown causes [7]. The pathogenesis of LTG is poorly understood, however, discrimination of cases may be possible from their clinical course; namely, progressive and stationary [5].


Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Visual Field Defect Ocular Hypertension Obesity Index Disc Hemorrhage 
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  • Y. Shiose
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  • M. Amano
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  • S. Yamada
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  • Y. Kawase
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