Direct Measurement of Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness

  • R. N. Weinreb
  • A. W. Dreher
Conference paper


Several methods for clinically evaluating the retinal nerve fiber layer in glaucoma have been reported. Among them are red-free ophthalmoscopy (Hoyt 1973), nerve fiber layer photography with black and white film (Sommer 1984), computer enhancement of nerve fiber layer photographs (Peli 1986), and computerized images to measure the relative height of the peripapillary nerve fiber layer surface (Caprioli 1989). We have been attempting to develop a new technique for direct measurement of retinal nerve fiber layer thickness. This technique is based on the assumption that the nerve fiber layer has birefringent properties similar to those found for the Henle fibers in the macula region (Delori 1979; Brink 1988).


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  • R. N. Weinreb
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  • A. W. Dreher
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