Implementing a Computer-Aided Support System for Water Resources Research and Management

  • Paul E. Barritt-Flatt
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (volume 26)


The NATO Advanced Research Workshop provided a forum in which experiences in implementing computer-aided support systems of all kinds were shared. In a sense, all papers presented spoke of the success or failure of an implementation project. The approach of this paper is to provide a background discussion of these papers. The author is indebted in this effort to the work of Saul Kuchinsky (1985). Kuchinsky’s work has provided the models around which the experiences of the workshop participants and the author has been organized. While simple in concept, the models provide rich insight to management processes. In this paper, models are described only to the extent necessary.


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  1. Kuchinsky, Saul (1985). Systematics: Search for Miraculous Management. Claymount Communications, Box 112, Charlestown, WV. (Mr. Kuchinsky operates Quantum Systems, 451 Milicrip Road, Bridgewater, NJ 08807.)Google Scholar

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