Locational and Technological Factors in Rural Industrialization; A Comparative Investigation

  • Daniel Felsenstein
  • Raphael Bar-El
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One of the major problems facing the stimulation of industrial development in rural areas is that of the integration of rural industrial activity into the general pattern of national industrial growth. In the wide-ranging debate on the relationship between industrialization and development, the conventional staged approach to industrial development posits a primordial stage in which surpluses are created in the primary sector. This is followed by an industrialization stage based on import substitution and after that a stage based on export orientation (Balassa, 1980). An alternative approach sees industrial development based on the development of the agricultural sector and the creation of agricultural surpluses around which agriculture-based industry, such as the industrial processing of agricultural produce, can develop (Adelman, 1984). In both these approaches, the rural industrialization that results is invariably integrated into the local rather than the national economy.


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