The Human CBL Oncogene

  • W. Y. Langdon
  • T. J. Blake
Part of the Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology book series (CT MICROBIOLOGY, volume 166)


The v-cbl oncogene was identified as the transforming gene of the murine Cas NS-1 retrovirus (Langdon et al. 1989a), This novel viral oncogene transforms fibroblasts in vitro and induces pre-B, pro-B and myeloid tumors in vivo. Probes prepared from v-cbl have identified its cellular homolog (c-cbl) in mouse, rat and human DNA, and it is expressed as an 11 kb mRNA in a range of murine and human hemopoietic tumor cell lines. In normal cells highest levels of c-cbl mRNA are found in the testis and thymus (Langdon et al. 1989b). The c-cbl product is a 135 kD protein which is localized in the nucleus, as in the 100 kD gag-cbl fusion protein (Langdon et al. 1989b).


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