Effect of UV-B (290–320 nm) Radiation on Uptake of 15N-Nitrate by Marine Diatoms

  • G. Döhler


Since the first studies on nitrate uptake (Warburg and Negelein 1920) nitrogen metabolism of microalgae was investigated by several groups in more detail (see e.g. Syrett 1981; Ullrich 1983; Wheeler 1983). The use of the 15N-tracer technique gave insights into cellular nitrogen metabolism (Collos and Slawyk 1980; Dohler and RoBlenbroich 1981; Dugdale and Goering 1967). Monochromatic light exhibits a regulatory effect on nitrate uptake in algae (Aparicio and Maldonado 1979; Calero et al. 1980; Dohler and Alt 1989). More recently, also the impact of ultraviolet-B radiation on metabolic processes, especially on the nitrogen metabolism of microalgae has been studied (Dohler 1985, 1988). It could be shown in field (Smith et al.1980; Worrest 1982; G. Dohler E. Hagmeier, E. Grigoleit, unpublished) and laboratory experiments (Dohler 1989, and references therein) that UV radiation can damage the pigmentation and the cellular metabolism of the organisms as well as the community composition of aquatic ecosystems.


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