The Role of NO3 and NH4+ Ions in the Regulation of Nitrate Reductase in Higher Plants

  • A. Oaks
  • D. M. Long
  • M. Zoumadakis
  • X.-Z. Li
  • C. Hertig
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After its identification by Evans and Nason (1953), nitrate reductase (NR) was shown to be a substrate inducible enzyme by Tang and Wu (1957). In 1960 Hageman and Flesher demonstrated further that both light and NO3 were required for the appearance of nitrate reductase activity (Hageman and Flesher 1960). Since that time there have been many reports confirming the initial observations with light and NO3 and conflicting reports concerning the repression of the induction of NR by NH4 + (Beevers and Hageman 1972; Ullrich 1987).


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  • D. M. Long
  • M. Zoumadakis
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