Endosonographic Staging of Neoplastic Lesions of Upper Gastrointestinal Tract

  • T. L. Tio
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Endoscopic ultrasound combines endoscopy and ultrasound in one instrument, in which the function of endoscopy is to localize mural lesions and to position the transducer, while the function of ultrasound is to assess the submucosal extent and to visualize the surrounding structures and organs. Since 1983 we have been using nonendoscopic ultrasound with a flexible or transesophageal echoprobe. Both techniques, nonendoscopic and endoscopic ultrasonography, are referred to as endosonography (ES). The latest development in the Olympus echoendoscope is an instrument with a lateral-view objective with the capacity to perform endoscopic ultrasonography, guided cytology, puncture, or biopsy. In the case of tight stenosis we have been using a nonflexible instrument with a diameter of 10 mm.


Gastric Carcinoma Endoscopic Ultrasonography Peritoneal Metastasis Muscularis Propria Neoplastic Lesion 
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