Genitoanal HPV Infections in Immunodeficient Individuals

  • R. Rüdlinger
  • P. Buchmann
  • R. Grob
  • F. Colla
  • R. Steiner
  • M. Meandzija
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Until two decades ago the number of patients who were immunosuppressed was rather low. Since the advent of organ mainly kidney transplantation the situation has quite changed. In Zürich renal transplantation began in 1964 and by 1986 a total of 1039 kidneys had been transplanted [1]. In Germany there are far more than 15000 patients with renal allografts. The situation in other countries is similar. The other increasing group of patients who are immunodeficient are HIV-infected individuals. Hence the number of immunosuppressed patients is rising steadily. Patients from either group are prone to various skin diseases of both infectious and noninfectious origin [2–7].


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