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  • Ludwig K. von Segesser


Internal mammary artery flow studies had already been performed at the time of Vineberg’s operation when the internal mammary artery was implanted into the myocardium (Blesovsky et al. 1967; William-Olson et al. 1968; William-Olson 1971; Yokoyama et al. 1972; Bloomer et al 1973). In 1968 Wakabayashi and Connolly reported comparative flow studies of myocardial revascularization grafts. They analyzed two groups of dogs, one with indirect myocardial revascularization (implantation of the internal mammary artery in a myocardial tunnel) and one with direct myocardial revascularization (implantation of a vein or the internal mammary artery between the aorta and a coronary artery) and showed that mean flow through the direct coronary artery bypass grafts increased about twofold when the coronary artery was occluded.


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