Limitation of Neuroma Formation by Fat Tissue

  • J. Weis
  • J. M. Schröder
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Various methods have been proposed for limiting axonal growth at the proximal stump of a transected peripheral nerve to prevent neuroma formation. These include coagulation of the proximal nerve stump by heat (Hedri 1921) or freezing (Läwen 1925), ligation (Battista and Cravioto 1981), centrocentral anastomosis (Bardenheuer 1908; Samii 1981), and injection of various chemicals (Petropoulos and Stefanko 1961) as well as capping the nerve end with silicone rubber (Evans et al. 1968) or histoacryl (Martini 1985).


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  • J. M. Schröder
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