August Lösch as a Population Analyst

  • Rainer Mackensen


Regional science and, particularly, location theory has been heavily influenced by AUGUST LÖSCH, and his name has become well known to all students dealing with regional analysis and theory. They are also well aware in general of his studies on interactions between population development and economic cycles, but may be less interested in this topic. The interests in space and in time must not coincide in every scholar. At least, while the literature on LÖSCH’s theorems in regional economics is abundant, and quotations on them can be met almost everywhere in regional science contexts, the reaction on LÖSCH’s writings by population analysts must be regarded less than meagre. MACKENROTH (1953, 506) mentions LÖSCH only twice (109, 123), and only as a source for factual information (as in III, 1955, once, and only in the bibliography, concerning “special peaces of research, of particular importance”: p.36); and neither W.G. HOFFMANN — who knew him like MACKENROTH from the Kiel Institute — nor HOHORST mention him at all, even while pursuing topics which LÖSCH must have, more or less, introduced.


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