Germinal Center Reaction and B Lymphocytes: Morphology and Function

  • F. G. M. Kroese
  • W. Timens
  • P. Nieuwenhuis
Part of the Current Topics in Pathology book series (CT PATHOLOGY, volume 84/1)


In peripheral lymphoid organs, B and T cells are predominantly, but not exclusively, located in different anatomical compartments: B cells are mainly observed in lymphoid follicles, whereas T cells constitute the so-called paracortical areas and interfollicular areas (e.g., lymph node and tonsil) or periarteriolar lymphocyte sheath (PALS) (spleen). In the spleen, but not in other lymphoid organs, an additional B-cell compartment associated with B-cell follicles can be found, i.e., the marginal zone. Marginal zone B cells are different from follicular B cells in several ways (e.g., phenotype, function, development), and it has been speculated that these B cells represent a distinct B-cell lineage (MacLennan et al. 1982).


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