Sequence of Reactions of Biosynthesis of Cellulose and Other Structural Polysaccharides

  • I. A. Tarchevsky
  • G. N. Marchenko
Part of the Heidelberger Lehrtexte Wirtschaftswissenschaften book series (HLW)


Structural polysaccharides are not regarded usually, by those engaged in studies of photosynthesis, as products of carbon dioxide assimilation and therefore their formation from CO2 has not been considered [73, 74].


Cotton Fiber Uronic Acid Secondary Cell Wall Callose Deposition Cellulose Synthesis 
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  • I. A. Tarchevsky
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  • G. N. Marchenko
  1. 1.Institute of BiologyUSSR Academy of SciencesKazanUSSR

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