Body Animation of Synthetic Actors

  • Nadia Magnenat Thalmann
  • Daniel Thalmann
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The body animation, as well as the hand animation and facial animation, described in this chapter and the two next chapters is based on parametric keyframe animation. In this method, the animator creates keyframes by specifying the appropriate set of parameter values; parameters are interpolated and images are finally individually constructed from the interpolated parameters. For each parameter, interpolation has to be computed using a good method. To animate (to move) a human body, it is necessary to use a specific software for human motion (in our case: BODY_MOVING). BODY_MOVING is a part of the HUMAN FACTORY system described in the Appendix. Details of BODY_MOVING may be found in Sect. A.5 of the Appendix. This software runs using a certain number of values of angles (key values) provided by the user. These angles are the angles between the various body parts at certain times. For example, to bend an arm, it is necessary to give the computer an elbow angle at different selected times. Then the software is able to find any angle at any time. Inbetween values are calculated using cubic splines. The animator may look at parameter values for any keyframe or interpolated frame. He/she may also obtain a wire-frame view for any frame.


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