The Impact of the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression on the Development of a Center for Clinical Psychopharmacology Research

  • L. Conti
  • G. B. Cassano
Conference paper
Part of the Psychopharmacology Series book series (PSYCHOPHARM, volume 9)


All of us who had the opportunity of meeting Max Hamilton were agreeably surprised by his sense of moderation matched by his sense of humour. In spite of the widespread use made of the rating scales he created, and the fact that they are generally accepted as standard reference instruments, and in spite of the important role that these rating scales have had, not only on psychopharmacology but also in the fields of research and of clinical practice, he always retained a critical attitude. His philosophy and modesty are clearly shown by a sentence he used frequently: “I always check and firstly I check myself.”


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  • G. B. Cassano
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