The Frequency of Warped HI Discs

  • A. Bosma
  • E. Athanassoula
Conference paper


We have recently made a small survey of ten edge-on galaxies, using the VLA in D-configuration (resolution 40″) in the 21-cm line. The purpose was to find non-warped galaxies extended in HI, suitable for a detailed study of the vertical equilibrium of their stellar and gas disks. Such a study might help to determine the shape of the dark halo component. As a byproduct, we have found several more examples of warped HI-discs. In Table 1 we collect the data on edge-on galaxies either observed by us, or already published elsewhere. For small warp amplitudes resolution effects become important: e.g. for NGC 100 our 40″ data does not indicate a warp, but recent mapping at 4″ resolution show a warp of small amplitude, as well as the expected flaring of the HI disc.


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  • A. Bosma
    • 1
  • E. Athanassoula
    • 1
  1. 1.Observatoire de MarseilleMarseille Cedex 4France

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