Age-Dependence and Distribution of the Velocities of Disk Stars and Implications of a Possible Disruption of Globular Clusters by Massive Black Holes

  • R. Wielen
  • B. Fuchs


The systematic increase in the dispersions of the peculiar velocities of disk stars as function of age provides the best direct observational evidence for a dynamical evolution of galalactic disks. This age-velocity-dispersion relation is particularly well observed for stars in the solar neighbourhood (Wielen 1974, 1977, 1982). To the increase of the velocity component W perpendicular to the galactic plane corresponds an increase of the vertical scale height of the disk stars as function of age. This age-thickness relation is well known for our Galaxy, and is also observed in external edge-on galaxies.


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  • R. Wielen
    • 1
  • B. Fuchs
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  1. 1.Astronomisches Rechen-InstitutHeidelbergFed. Rep. of Germany

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