• Günther Sembdner
  • Gabriele Herrmann
  • Willibald Schliemann
Part of the Progress in Botany/Fortschritte der Botanik book series (BOTANY, volume 51)


The plant hormones and their role in growth and development are comprehensively described by competent authors in a book edited by Davies (1987). A critical appraisal on hormone action in plant development is given by Hoad et al. (1987), and the present knowledge on plant hormone receptors is gathered by Klämbt (1987). Chailakhyan and Khrianin (1987) published a book on sexuality in plants and its hormonal regulation and Lilov et al. (1987) presented a volume on plant growth regulators. Pharis and Rood(1988) prepared the Abstracts of the 13th International Conference on Plant Growth Substances (Calgary 1988), the Proceedings of which are in press. Reviews on gibberellins cover the fungal gibberellin production (Brückner et al. 1989), biosynthesis and metabolism (Graebe 1987; Sponsel 1987), gibberellin mutants (Reid 1986) and flower promotion in forest trees (Pharis et al. 1987). Principles and the application of plant hormone analysis in general was comprehensively described by Rivier and Crozier (1987). Reviews on cytokinins have been edited by Horgan and Jeffcoat (1987).


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