Structure of the Systematic Examination

  • Herbert Frisch


A systematic history in the 5/5 program covers the following five items, each consisting of five individual aspects:
  1. 1.

    Current complaints Case history

  2. 2.

    Previous course Case history

  3. 3.

    Social history Personal history

  4. 4.

    Health history Personal history

  5. 5.

    Family history Personal history

The first two items furnish basic information on the patient’s history to provide a guide for the subsequent basic examination of the spine and the extremity joints. These five items should also be used to update a diagnosis (Gutmann), such as when taking an intermediate history in chronic cases or performing a follow-up examination after a prolonged period.


Arthritis Osteoporosis Osteoarthritis Cane Hemangioma 


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