Radiation Effects on Transcription in Cells and Isolated Cell Nuclei

  • K. J. Weber
Conference paper
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (volume 54)


Radiation effects on gene transcription represent an early cellular response to DNA damage. Considering the basic processes of RNA synthesis, polymerase binding/initiation and elongation may be affected by distinct mechanisms. Inhibition of the elongation reaction is generally assumed to occur at the site of critical DNA lesions - operating as termination signals - and the measurement of RNA synthesis (ribosomal RNA in particular) was used to quantitate the induction and eventually repair of transcription terminating pyrimidine dimers from UV-light exposure. With ionizing radiation a corresponding mechanism of elongation inhibition had been concluded for in vitro systems and some microorganisms - presumably due to the induction of single-strand breaks and/or base damage.


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