T Cell Development in T Cell Receptor Transgenic Mice

  • Horst Blüthmann
  • Michael Steinmetz
  • Harald von Boehmer
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During T cell development in the thymus genes coding for the α and β chains of the T cell receptor (TCR) are assembled from the respective gene segments (for review see Kronenberg et al. 1986). Combinatorial joining of different α and β gene segments leads to a diverse spectrum of TCR specificities on developing thymocytes which are positively selected for self-MHC recognition and negatively for self tolerance during further maturation (Fink and Bevan 1978, Zinkernagel et al. 1978). The enormous diversity of the T cell repertoire, however, makes it difficult to follow a T cell with a given specificity during T cell development.


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  • Harald von Boehmer
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