The Role of Ion Channels in the Mechanism of Pancreatic Bicarbonate Secretion

  • M. A. Gray
  • J. R. Greenwell
  • B. E. Argent


The current model for pancreatic duct cell bicarbonate secretion is shown in Fig. 1 a. It is based on data derived from secretory studies on intact glands (see Case and Argent 1989), together with recent electrophysiological and intracellular pH measurements made on small pancreatic ducts (Gray et al. 1988b; Novak and Greger 1988a, 1988b; Stuenkel etal. 1988). The functions of this secretion are to flush digestive enzymes (secreted by acinar cells) along the ductal tree and into the duodenum and to provide an alkaline environment for the action of these enzymes on food in the gut.


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  • J. R. Greenwell
  • B. E. Argent

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