Quantitative Bewertung der Fehlertoleranz am Beispiel Eines Verteilten Prozess-Leitsystems

  • Wilfried Heß
Conference paper
Part of the Informatik-Fachberichte book series (INFORMATIK, volume 214)


An overview of terms used in this paper precedes the description of reliability aspects of distributed control systems. Especially a difference is made between failures causing no perceptible malfunctions and failures leading up to the manifestation of a defect state of the considered unit. An attempt is made to introduce a measure for the degree of fault tolerance, which can easily be calculated by means of previously existing failure-rates of the considered components. This term is applied to special structures of a distributed control system: In some cases normalized values seem to be more adequate to the detailed analysis of sensitiveness than the well-known MFBF.This paper is completed by some general considerations to fault-tolerance in local and wide area networks.


Ster Sten Starke 


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  • Wilfried Heß
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  1. 1.Hartmann & Braun AG AbteilungFrankfurt am Main – 90Germany

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