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Changes of Myocardial Structure with Aging

  • H. Frenzel
  • R. Zweihoff
  • B. Schwartzkopff
  • K.-F. Bürrig
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The functional capacity of the heart declines with advancing age (Gerstenblith et al. 1976; Lakatta 1979; Lakatta und Yin 1982). The diminished cardiac adaptability to stress in senescence could provide an explanation why heart insufficiency and cardiac death occur in older people even upon only a minor increase in demand (Wei and Gersh 1987). Most of the morphological studies of the hearts of old people therefore have the aim of finding a structural correlate for the reduced functional capacity in old age. A whole range of findings on the hearts of elderly humans have been compiled (Pomerance 1968; Linzbach 1972): In autopsy studies, an increasing degree of coronary atherosclerosis was found with advancing age (Linzbach 1972) as well as increased fibrosis of the small intramural cardiac vessels (Rahlf 1980). Typical age-related changes of the cardiac valves are calcification of the mitral valve ring and the aortic valves (Pomerance 1967,1970; Pomerance et al. 1978; Waller and Roberts 1983). Mitral valve prolapse and mucoid degeneration are further alterations which are observed more frequently in senescent people (Pomerance 1969).


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  • H. Frenzel
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  • R. Zweihoff
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  • B. Schwartzkopff
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  • K.-F. Bürrig
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  1. 1.Pathologisches InstitutUniversität DüsseldorfDüsseldorf 1Germany

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