Uncertainties from light quark loops

  • H. Burkhardt
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The Standard Model has three input parameters (not counting fermion masses, higgs mass and mixings) that determine the couplings and masses of the vector bosons. Popular renormalization schemes use experimentally well measured quantities like the fine structure constant α = 1 / 137.0604(11) and the Fermi constant GF = 1.166344(11)·10−5 GeV−2 determined from the muon lifetime. The third parameter used to be sin2θw, determined from neutral-current processes. For LEP physics instead, will soon be measured to high precision and is therefore a good choice as third parameter. Using cosθw = MW / MZ as definition of the weak mixing angle, the tree level expression for MW becomes MW = A0 / sinθw where \({{\text{A}}_0}\, = \,\sqrt {(\pi \alpha \,/\,\sqrt 2 {{\text{G}}_{\text{F}}})} \, = \,37.281\) GeV.


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