Hemodynamic and Neurohumoral Effects of Nifedipine Slow-Release Tablet in the Treatment of Hypertension

  • T. Santoso
  • D. Ismail
  • A. M. Rahman
  • M. N. T. Wangge
  • H. Mansjoer
  • T. Sugiarti
  • N. Abdurahman
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Nifedipine has been found effective in the acute [1–7] and long-term treatment [8–12] of hypertension. Hemodynamically the drug acts as a powerful arterial vasodilator [8, 13, 14] leading to a reduction in the elevated peripheral vascular resistance which is the hallmark of the established phase of essential hypertension [14, 15]. Following oral administration similar bioavailability was found for the various oral forms: 10-mg quick-release capsules or tablets and the 20-mg slow-release tablets. Plasma half-life for the standard capsule or tablet formulation is only 2.5-5 h. On the other hand, a very long half-life of 12–15 h may be observed after the administration of the retard tablets [16], making them theoretically more suitable for the long-term treatment of hypertension than the other oral nifedipine preparations.


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  • H. Mansjoer
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