Interleukin 6 (IL-6) is a pleiotropic cytokine originally identified in the human as a protein coinduced with interferon-β and as a B-cell stimulatory factor, hence its original names interferon-β2 (Weissenbach et al. 1980), 26-kDa inducible protein (Content et al. 1982) and BSF-2 (Hirano et al. 1985). In the mouse, IL-6 was independently identified as a growth factor for plasmacytomas (Nordan and Potter 1986; Van Snick et al. 1987) and B-cell hybridomas (Van Snick et al. 1986) and was termed plasmacytoma growth factor (PCT-GF) or IL-HP1. Today, it is clear that the biological activity of IL-6 extends far beyond what had been anticipated on the basis of these original findings. Indeed, IL-6 together with IL-1 now appears to be one of the most important macrophage-derived mediators of T-cell activation (Garman et al. 1987; Lotz et al. 1988; Uyttenhove et al. 1988; Houssiau et al. 1988c) and one of the central regulatory proteins involved in the control of acute-phase protein synthesis by the liver (Gauldie et al. 1987). Moreover, it has an important hematopoietic growth factor activity either by itself or in synergy with IL-3 (Ikebuchi et al. 1987; Wong et al. 1988).


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