The Modelization Method in the Determination of the Structural Characteristics of Some Layer Silicates: Internal Structure of the Layers, Nature and Distribution of the Stacking Faults

  • Victor A. Drits
  • Cyril Tchoubar


We shall now discuss and present the application of the methods described in Chapters 2, 3, and 4 to the study of structures of layer silicates with stacking faults. The examples have been chosen among widely distributed phyllosilicates such as kaolinites, microerystallized micas and smectites since, as is well known, these minerals contain a number of structural defects which have been the subject of numerous studies and discussions over a number of years. Until the advent of the method of diffraction pattern modelization, the perception of these defects was based on rather intuitive structural notions which did not make a truly precise use of the diffractometric characteristics.


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